Type of Flowers Sent to Loved Ones

By Angelo Falcone
Journalism Guild Writer

“April showers bring May flowers,” but what type of flowers would the men in blue send to their loved ones? And in what color? No one flower or color stood out.

Sam Johnson: “I would send my wife long-stem black roses. I know they are actually very dark blue or purple roses, but at first glance, they look black.”

Stephen Pascascio: “I would send lilies to someone I love. I would choose pink lilies.”

Wayne Villafranco: “I would send long-stem red roses to a woman.”

William Tolbert: “I would send anything but red roses. I would prefer to send tulips of any color.”

Jesus Flores: “I think carnations are beautiful. I would send carnations to the women I love in my life: my mom, my grandmother, my wife, and my aunts.”

Chris Brown: “I would send a mixture of different flowers. They would be purple, yellow, and red flowers.”

Christopher Scull: “I love my mom and my girlfriend very much, with all my heart. So I would send them long-stem red roses.”

Jose Rivera: “I would send my girlfriend red roses because it is the traditional sign of romantic love. I might also send her purple or bluish roses. I would send my mom a mixture of red, pink, and white roses but for family or loved ones, I would send a variety of flowers in a variety of colors. I’ve learned that any flowers are appreciated.”

Shakur Ross: “I would send red roses mixed with blue violets to my loved ones.”

Quenton Walker: “It depends who I send the flowers to. I would send a friend white roses, but I would send my girl long-stem red roses.”


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