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Time in San Quentin Remains Frozen

For decades, time remains unchanged By Jose Camacho San Quentin’s Lower Yard gym has a three and a half square foot clock atop it. However, since 1982, it has been frozen at 5:44. Nobody knows if it stopped ticking at dawn or dusk. “The yard clock is frozen in time—not reflecting the spirit of San […]

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Space Shuttle’s Last Flight Soars Over the Institution

By Jose Camacho On the morning of Sept. 21, the Endeavor space shuttle flew over the state prison mounted atop a Boeing 747 with an escort by an F-16 fighter jet, surprising about 500 inmates on San Quentin’s Lower Yard. “It was flying so low, it felt like I could reach up and touch it,” […]

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Boxing Interest Up

By Jose Camacho Expansion of the San Quentin boxing program is being boosted with the help of an experienced boxer who is also a correctional officer. Correctional Officer M. Polk said he is willing to assist San Quentin inmates with the finer points of boxing, giving them not just boxing skills, but also a sense […]

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