By R. Calix

In the Gulag by the Bay
Where a remnant still survives
Our colored souls in distress
Where unfreedom songs arise
Where blues croon red
And cold is hot
I sit and set
Not wanting nor waiting
But churning away
Inside this exile.

Back in a 6×9 Cell

I’m back ya’ll, locked up in jail, sitting in a 6×9 cell.
Watching the mailman walk by, these two c/o’s with their messed up smile.
Listening to this BS all day and night, waiting for the shut down to call it a night.
To wake up to the same mess beginning of the next, sitting by your bars hoping you’re next.
A kind word from the one you love, to have a smile instead of a frown, something to do while you’re locked down.
Trying to ease the messed up thoughts that’s running around, these psychologists are easy to fool, you tell them anything and they say you’re cool.


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