CDCR’s new detection system clamps down on cell phones

By Noel Scott

Two hundred and seventy-two Cellsense Plus detection systems will be provided to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation by Metrasens and Global Tel*Link in an effort to rid state prisons of inmate-owned cell phones.

The Cellsense Plus by Metrasens claims to be the most durable and effective tool in locating cell-phones, whether on or off, inside or outside the body. The system can also be used freestanding or mounted and is capable of finding the smallest of contraband items like razor blades, paper clips or staples, according to an article on the website

“We are delighted CDCR has selected Metrasens as a partner in the fight against contraband,” said Jim Viscardi, vice president of Metrasens’ security division, the article quoted.

The Cellsense Plus is the most versatile detention tool in the industry for screening staff, visitors, vendors, laundry, mail, inmates and their property, the article stated.

The tool can be used anywhere inside a correctional facility.

Metrasens is a company that develops and applies advanced magnetic detection technologies in healthcare and security markets.


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