What is your mother’s most interesting characteristic?

By Angelo Falcone

In the United States, Mother’s Day is always on the second Sunday of May, but in countries like Mexico, Mother’s Day is always on May 10, regardless of the day of the week.

The diversity of the men in blue and their deep love for the women who raised them means that at San Quentin, both days are observed.

“Asked On the Line” asked men on the mainline, “What would you say is your mom’s (or the woman who raised you) most beautiful or inspiring characteristic? Did you inherit her trait?

B. Asey: “I would say that my mother’s most beautiful characteristic is her giving nature because she gives until she has nothing for herself. I inherited her trait of giving because I’m the same way.”

Z. Moore: “My mother’s most inspiring characteristic is her ability to reinvent herself during adversity. This same trait has enabled me to have the courage to change my character and life to reflect my true self.

M. Dickman: “Her ability to see the good in everyone. No, I did not inherit that trait.”

M. Sahnuun: “Her strength in the face of many difficulties. That strength has helped me deal with the years of incarceration.”

J. Flores: “She loves to laugh and dance. She can be serious when the situation calls for it. She can mourn when there is loss. But she prefers to live life with joy. I did inherit this trait, but it is difficult to keep it up in prison.”

J. Martinez: “My mother was a loving person, and I send her my most deepest regards from San Quentin.”

M. James: “To love and respect other people as you do yourself. To never show self-hate because that will never become you. You reap what you sow. God bless you, Mom. RIP!”

R.A. Johnson: “To see and respect people for who they are and not who she wanted or expected them to be. I’d like to think I inherited her traits.”

M. Gomez: “My mother was a peaceful person. I send my loving regards to her and her family. I wish her peace and happiness.”

M. Carter: “I’m happy that we love each other and can be open about any and every thing.”

V. Gomez: “I was blessed with a good mother. I send my most sincere regards to my beloved mother. God bless her.”

D. Billingsley: “My dear Mom, I am thankful. This time of year pays tribute for your efforts as a teen mom raising me through heartaches, sacrifices and what you knew. God blessed me 56 years ago when he assigned me to you. Happy Mother’s Day!”

M. Bridges: “What makes my mother so very special is when I got sick, she would hold me and then take me to the doctor. When I was older and had to go to work, she would pick me up.”

N. Andino: “When I was a child, we were so poor in my country that whenever she had a little money, she would go and buy some good food from the market and cook my favorite dish: Arepa con Queso.”

G. Pureco: “My mother, Alicia, was a wise woman who raised a very large family. She is very special because she still loves me despite my committing a crime.”

P. Feliciano: “My mother gave me existence and taught me to respect people and animals. She is very special because she taught me all about family love.”

A. Torres: “My mother brought me into this world. She took care of me when I was a little boy. I was her eldest son and used to help her with everything when I was living at home with her.”

B. Muro: “I grew up without a father, so my mother was both a father and mother to me! I remember that she bought me many toys every single Christmas and always cooked me the most delicious food.”

R. Wimberly: “My mother was the sweetest person in the world. She always tried her best to help us. I have four sisters and four brothers, so she raised a very big family. We all loved our mother with all of our hearts. We miss her.”

J. Velazquez: “My mother was special because in my infancy, she always washed my clothes by hand and cooked all of my food from scratch. She always treated me with love.”

Y. Jose: “I used to make my mother happy by being around her, by being home, and by staying out of trouble.”

V. Nguyen: “My mother raised my five older siblings and me on her own. My mother got up early every morning and walked to a bakery five kilometers away and returned with pastries to sell and make a profit. She would use the money to provide for her family and save money for my older brother to go to college.  My mom was the best mom in the world.”

M. Saldana: “My grandmother raised me since I was 8 years old. She took care of 13 children and provided us with everything we needed, but most importantly, she gave us much love.”

N. Burn: “My mother is special every day! She always gave me love and made me feel special every time. She often tells me that she loves me.”

M. Jones: “My mother is special to me because she brought me into this world. She is a wonderful woman who helped a lot of people at the food bank. She was a good person. She worked at a school.”


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