What are the most popular ways to eat an egg?

By Angelo Falcone

It’s Easter and America’s love affair with eggs has many eating colored eggs. Egg production is a billion-dollar industry. According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, during one month in 2016, the United States egg production was 7.51 billion eggs by approximately 305 million hens. 

Not only are eggs big business, they are a versatile source of food. During Easter, billions of eggs are boiled and decorated for Easter egg hunts.

“Asked On the Line” posed a question to the men on the mainline, “How do you like your eggs cooked? Of the 11 popular ways of eating eggs, which is your favorite? And what would you eat with them?”

D. Hill likes his eggs hard-boiled with French fries or potato wedges.

B. Dooley wants his eggs fried, sunny side up, with potato hash browns, bacon and onions.

M. Dickman likes his eggs fried, over easy, with cheese, bacon, and toast.

G. Mason prefers his eggs fried, over easy, with ham, sausage and cheese.

K. McBride chooses eggs cooked in any way except sunny side up, over hard, or dry scrambled and cooked with “everything and anything except liver.”

D. Stewart: “I always like to eat my eggs soft fried or over easy. I do not like them scrambled.”

B. Muro: “I like to eat eggs mixed with chorizo.”

N. Wimberly: “I like my eggs sunny side up. For me they taste the best this way.”

P. Feliciano: “I like to eat fried eggs with fried potatoes, chorizo and tomato sauce, with a glass of orange juice.”

P. Benitez: “My favorite breakfast here is on Sunday because we have fried eggs.”

J. Velazquez: “I really like my eggs dry scrambled.”

A. Torres: “I like to eat my eggs over easy with sausage and toasted bread. I also like scrambled eggs with ham, onions, bell peppers and hot sauce.”

V. Nguyen: “I like them fried, sunny side up, because it’s raw on the top side and because it tastes good on toast.”

M. Saldana: “I love egg omelets!”

R. Malo: “I like egg omelets because they can be a complete meal. Omelets can have a lot of different things cooked into it.”

J. Ybarra: “I like fried eggs, over easy, but only in the morning.”

H. Robertson: “I really enjoy eating eggs soft scrambled with onions.”

D. Danny: “I like soft scrambled eggs hot off the grill with a side of hash browns.”

P. Ramirez: “I like to eat omelets with cheese, onions, spinach and tomatoes.”

J. Angulo: “I like to eat fried eggs for breakfast, boiled eggs for lunch and omelets for dinner.”

T. Sayres: “I like my eggs over easy with peppers and cheese.”

R. Zeigler: “I like my eggs scrambled, with bacon, grits and toast.”

D. Le’s favorite is an omelet with cheese.

H. Nguyen’s favorite is fried eggs, over medium, with beans and fish sauce.

A. Ross prefers eating eggs in a frittata with salsa.

M. Upton likes his eggs fried, over easy, with cheese.

B. Asey likes his eggs fried, over easy, with grits, toast, bacon, and a glass of orange juice. “Put salt and pepper with a little sugar on the grits.”

N. Bucci enjoys his eggs fried, over medium, with a side of bacon, toast and potatoes.

M. Walters likes his eggs fried, over easy, with a side of bacon.


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