SQ’s television signal gets an upgrade

The men in blue now have a wide variety of television channels available for their viewing pleasure just in time for the holidays — and football season.

After several years of complaints about the unreliable and fluctuating television signals and many meetings and proposals about upgrading to cable television, the San Quentin administration purchased new television antennas and new video amplification equipment for the mainline population. The new antennas were installed in September.

It took several weeks of meetings, negotiations and petitions by the Men’s Advisory Council (MAC) for staff to adjust and calibrate the television signals to accommodate both analog and digital televisions owned by the men on the mainline.

On behalf of the population, the MAC would like to thank Warden Davis, the Chief Deputy Warden, all Associate Wardens, Plant Operations, Principal Beebe, and SQTV for their time and effort in adjusting the television signal.

The MAC understands that resources and time must first go into higher priority electrical and plumbing projects to keep the tap and shower water hot, the sewage system running, the electricity flowing, and the kitchen cooking, while at the same time replacing burned-out lights and fixing broken toilets. However, as a window to the outside world, mainliners also need a good television signal. Many thanks.

A wide variety of television channels are now available and coming in strong for both analog and digital television sets.

Finally, the Associate Warden for the General Population, J. Lawson, and the Captain of North Block and H-Unit, R. Escalera, would like to thank the men in blue housed in 1N-42, 1N-41, 1N-40, 1N39, and 1N-38 for their help and cooperation during the annual San Quentin Family Day staff event that occurred on Oct. 6.

–Angelo Falcone


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