By Raphael Calix

As an angelic force in the world
With everlasting traces of love
The encouragement over bigotry and hatred
We hear you loud and clear, Dear “Maya”
Marching proudly through the old neighborhoods
With filaments into our hearts
Overcoming the blight of racism
We found safety in her bosom
Mute-yet alertly listening to “Maya’s” musing
We continue to absorb all of the love
Driving away the bugaboo’s taunting glare
Here her sing, write and teach at Wakeforest
Living with passion and flair
And attentive to a quietitude within the “Doctor”
Indeed, loving every voice of caged birds crying
Visualizing the sameness in our humanity
Uncompromisingly stern with, say: “Thank You’s”
Never again to sink in pity and victimhood
But to rise high in spirithood for “Maya”
Here, there can be no death, as a destination
For nothing may enter in to erase a legacy
The golden words as foot-prints
Of grace and magnitude of blessings
Duly imparted for all creeds
From our dearly beloved Mother
Esteemed into our souls
As rare as a gift from G-d
To live and rise in hope
Awaiting the rapture of truth

We’ll love and cherish you always
Long Live, Dr. Maya Angelou


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