The lonely prisoner sits in his cell,
dieing slowly in his special kind of hell.
All those he knew have now forgot.
Society has left him alone to rot.
The lonely prisoner, this lonely man
Takes each day as best he can.
He sees no sun, no moon, or no stars,
Only three green walls and a set of bars.
The lonely prisoner has lost his dreams.
All hope is gone….or so it seems.
All his energy is long since spent
He can find no love,
No peace, or no encouragement,
But the lonely prisoner
Still prays each night, for someone
Who’ll care some, to help ease the pain
The scars have cut deep
Into his heart and soul.
He must fight each day for survival,
In this human-made hole.
Look deep into his eyes; you’ll see nothing there,
no reflection of the pain,
or the hurt, just a cold vacant stare,
but if you could look into his heart,
if his soul you could see.
You would know that just one caring person,
Could set this man free.


Beauty has nothing to do with the depth of the skin. Beauty is life, and life is nature. Nature is a living being, like a human or a bird or an amoeba. Or the planet. Only beauty is skin deep; true beauty knows no measure of depth like spirit knows no limit in connectedness.
Beauty is embracing change, being change, while being the unchanging joyous constant of self. Life is change; change is phenomena of life and death, of form and emptiness, of being and oblivion, of divine paradox sharing the same space and time simultaneously, infinitely connected.
Nothing is separate; no one is alone. Everything is dying to live, and by living dying. Beauty is us… living as one, dying as one, being as one in mind and spirit in every moment and never before or after. Nothing ever begins or ends; everything is. Nature is always only right now, forever, and we are beautiful within its ever-changing elegance and humor. Nature knows no good or evil; nothing is created without destruction, and nothing is destroyed without creation.
Transcending the fleeting nature of beginnings and ending, we see the beauty of infinite being in nature, and become it by embracing it.


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