New Executive Body is Confirmed

By Angelo Falcone

After two elections, there are many new faces within the Men’s Advisory Council (MAC), and recently, new confirmations to the Executive Body took place.

New arrivals to the mainline have been asking, “Who are the MAC Representatives at San Quentin?”

After MAC elections in December 2015 and March 2016, there are now 17 elected MAC Representatives working in 18 Subcommittees. Eleven men volunteer their time to make up the General Body of Representatives and six men make up the Executive Body that includes three assigned positions.

General Body representatives are elected by the inmate population and Executive Body members are confirmed by a vote of all MAC Representatives.

The following men make up the Executive Body: S.W. Johnson, Sr.—Executive Chairman, A. Alvarez—Vice-chairman, M. Nguyen—Executive Secretary, D. Hill—Parliamentarian, W. Thompson—H-Unit Senior Advisor, and N. Bucci—Sergeant at Arms. Only the chairman, vice-chairman, and secretary positions are considered job assignments.

Executive Body members receive, organize, and document issues that affect the inmate population and discuss them in monthly or quarterly meetings with Captains, Managers, Associate Wardens, the Appeals Coordinator, the Chief Medical Executive, the Chief Deputy Warden and/or the Warden.

General Body Representatives are: A. Alto, J. Vieyra, W. Goodman, W. Tolbert, W. Anderson, B. Shipp, F. Toalepai, M. Lanear, D. Lewis, J. Murray and T. Bryant.

General Body representatives receive and document issues that affect the mainline population and discuss them in monthly or quarterly meetings with Correctional Officers, Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains, Institutional Staff, Supervisors, and Managers. Continuous or ongoing issues not resolved at the General Body level are normally forwarded to the Executive Body for review.

Every MAC representative must chair or serve in a Subcommittee. Subcommittee assignments are as follows:

J. Vieyra—Canteen, F. Toalepai—Education, W. Goodman and B. Shipp— Food Services for North and West Block, A. Alvarez—Health Care and Mail, A. Alto—Inmate Movies, N. Bucci—North Block, W. Anderson—R&R, D. Hill—Recreation events, S.W. Johnson, Sr.—Visiting, W. Tolbert—West Block, M. Lanear—H-Unit Canteen, T. Bryant—H-Unit Education, J. Murray—H-Unit R&R, and W. Thompson—H-Unit Health Care, H-Unit Laundry, H-Unit Recreation, and H-Unit Visiting. At the discretion of the Subcommittee chair, non-elected inmates may volunteer and assist MAC representatives.



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