‘My mother’ and ‘the Pope’ top list of best persons to visit

By Angelo Falcone

A visit from family or friend is the most valued and anticipated occurrence in San Quentin. According to prison regulations, it is recognized as “a means of increasing safety in prisons, maintaining family and community connections, and preparing inmates for successful release and rehabilitation.”

“Asked on the Line” asked the men in blue, “If the warden would give you a pass to go anywhere to visit anyone for one day, where would you go? Who would you visit?”

M. Stewart: “I would visit my mother in Pomona. She has been living in that city for 40 years. She is my pride and joy.”

R. Malo: “I would like to go to the Vatican and visit Pope Francis.”

M. Morales: “I would visit my brother, Chino, who lives in San Bernardino.”

B. Muro: “I would go and visit my children, then my mom, and then my sisters.”

M. Jones: “I would go to the East Coast to visit friends, and I would go to New York to visit my long lost sister-in-law, Glenda.”

R. Zeigler: “I would first visit my wife and my mother-in-law, then my brothers, nieces and nephews, and finally, close friends.”

V. Nguyen: “I would visit my family in San Jose.”

M. Benitez: “I would go to Mexico to visit my father’s grave site.

M. Saldana: “I would like to go to a family reunion to visit with all of my brothers and sisters.”

C. Moreno: “I would visit Mr. Sanchez, in person, and let him know that I am sorry for what I have done to him and his family.”

P. Feliciano: “I would visit my son, daughter and grandchildren in New Mexico.”

N. Burn: “I would visit my brother Vincent.”

N. Andino: “I would go back to my country, Colombia, and visit my mother’s grave.”

A. Angulo: “I would visit all of my family who live in California.”

H. Bridges: “I would visit my wife in Pomona.”

J. Smith: “I would go visit my mother’s grave in Mississippi.”

A. Torres: “I would visit my family in Sacramento, especially my children.”

J. Ybarra: “I would visit my brother in Bakersfield.”


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