In your report (Court Denies Condemned Prisoners’ Rights to Petition for Execution, March, 2016), you state that “more than 900 people have been sentenced to death in the state since 1978; only 13 have been executed.”
Actually, 15 have been executed when you include Kelvin Malone, who California extradited to Missouri and executed on Jan. 13, 1999, and Alfredo Rolando Prieto, who California extradited to Virginia and was executed on Oct. 1, 2015. Both of these men had been previously convicted and sentenced to death in California prior to their convictions in their relative states of execution. Keep up the good work.

A fan,
D. Mickey
San Quentin State Prison

I just had the opportunity and privilege to digest the entire content of your February issue, and as usual, I found it to be insightful and encouraging. Thank you.
What particularly caught my attention were your articles regarding Kid CAT, Employment Readiness Seminar, Toys for Tots and VOEG. The general population at CSP-Corcoran is in the process of discussing with the administration here various ways in which to create and implement viable and creative programming, and each of these would be a perfect fit for what we are striving to achieve.

Respectfully submitted,
L. Richard
Corcoran State Prison

Keep the good news going. A job is done well when good people do it. Enclosed are four stamps; the extra, keep it for the cause.

CTF Soledad

Let me say that I truly enjoy reading your paper when I am able to … or when a fellow inmate passes it along. Keep up the good work. You brothers really keep us reading. Enclosed are four stamps so that I may receive your latest issue. I thank you brothers for your time and work.

D. Velasquez
California Correctional Institution


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