Dear Editor

Your staff at the News is doing a great job. A lot of information within the news, we down here at R.J. Donovan never hear about. Perhaps you could give us a correct update on what’s happening at High Desert State Prison. We’ve been totally shut out of information about arrests, etc. We all would appreciate it. Also, is it due to censorship or just negligence when the News gives a court case and you don’t give the correct cite or any cite?

Thank you,

R.J. Donovan State Prison
Greetings of Peace,

I was “in residence” in San Quentin for the opening decade of the 21st century and recall when San Quentin News was reinitiated (after being on hiatus since the 1970s) [Editor’s note: on hiatus since the 1980s] in the old print shop next to PIA. What you have accomplished each and every month is inspirational.

I also had the good fortune to attend Patten College and took several English classes which Prof. Judy Breen taught with unparalleled vigor. Your March 2015 article honoring her life and noting her passing was great.

Yours Truly,

J. Wallace
To whom it may concern,

I’m writing to someone about getting into your programs, please. The prison that I’m at right now does not have programs like this to help out on learning to better [yourself] more. I’m trying to get all the help I can get so when I get out it will help me to stay out.

E. Reed
California State Prison-Los Angeles County


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