I’ll Rather Have Family Visits Instead


By P. Brooke,
SQ Prisoner

CDCR started a program called Family Visiting in either the late 60s or early 70s. During Family Visiting inmates could spend three days and two nights in a home-style setting. Under this program families could find a closeness that one could not get in normal visiting. But, in the 90s Family Visiting ended for any inmate with a life term; the very families who benefited the most from the program were left out of it. Inmates who had determinate sentences, say five, 10, 20 years continued to be permitted to use the Family Visiting program. Nevertheless, CDCR claims it is a supporter of building strong family ties; so they say.

However as of late, condom containers packed with condoms for the unsupervised taking have been placed in various places in San Quentin. All the while, CDCR states that they do not condone sex between inmates; moreover, it is illegal. Would CDCR give a loaded weapon to a Death Row inmate and tell him not to harm anyone with it? Of course not. By installing condom containers packed with condoms all around this prison implies that it is ok for inmates to have sex with each other. On the flip side, CDCR claims they are trying to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. It is hypocritical to say it is illegal for inmates to have sex with each other and then provide something that is used for what you say you cannot do. Instead of appearing to allow homosexual activities, start up family visiting for lifers again. It is the family structure that needs to be strengthened, not homosexuality. Yes, I am a Christian, a child of God and am 100 percent against this abomination that CDCR is doing. Turn to God and stop this thing.


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