Happy Mother’s Day

MOM. Me and my wife Chris just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day and we love you dearly. Jimbo & Chris Kale

Mother’s Day is a special day because it’s a day to thank your mom for her struggle to bring you up right.

I love my mom, Ida because she put up with so much bs from me throughout the years; and I love my sister, Marilyn, for putting up with me my struggles in life. Thanks mom and sis. Happy Mother’s Day, love, Asmar Lino Ramos.

Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for giving me the perfect love and special affection that I don’t deserve, but you gave it to me anyways. Sharing the kindness from your heart inspires me to take a deep look within myself and be able to muster the courage to navigate through this labyrinth of life. Your token of encouragement and ultimate sacrifices are not forgotten, for they are the cornerstone of hope and possibilities to your proud six children and nine grandchildren. Mom, you are my inspiration…my hero…and my breath of life. I will always love you …and forevermore

For my Mother who passed away

(Gearldine Chassion) 10-11-47 to 2-8-17

The mother of three wonderful sons who she loved in a special way. She enjoyed life for every moment and her love for God exceeded everything in this world. While filled with life this loving mother would be blessed with two grandchildren. She has influenced their way of thinking and loving others.

Mother you will be missed by all you have personally touched. Love your son forever Philip Senegal Jr.

I really love being your son. My Ma is my super hero. No matter how bad my choices were, Ma was just like any super hero would be. Thank you, Jesus for blessing me with my strong super hero. “We all know super heroes have a side kick and that’s my Pa holding my Ma’s cape for 53 years.” -Tommy Wickerd

Dear Moms,

Mother, I love you. Now, after serving 21 years 6 months, I am coming home.  Now it will be my honor and obligation, as a practicing Muslim, to finally be the one to take care of you.

– Lucious X. Jackson

Despite my bad choices, you continue to see me as the innocent boy that you brought into this world. I love you with all my heart.


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