Draymond Green converts a heckler

By Rahsaan Thomas

For years Ceasar “C-Money” McDowell has been heckling any team that comes in from the outside to play in San Quentin, especially the Golden State Warriors organization. However, after an epic day of playing dominos inside the prison with Draymond Green, he now calls the NBA All-Star his favorite basketball player.

“Draymond is my favorite player because he’s the realest brother in the league,” said McDowell.

Draymond came into San Quentin on Sept. 24 with Kevin Durant to attend a basketball game between the Golden State Warriors staff and the San Quentin Warriors. Green spent most of his time at the domino tables playing against McDowell and others.

McDowell, who has a Los Angeles Lakers emblem tattooed on his leg, shares a cell with San Quentin Warrior Allan McIntosh. He calls rooting for outside teams “Stockholm Syndrome.”

He’s teased Golden State Assistant General Manager Kirk Lacob about everything from missing shots to his choice in basketball sneakers. However, after years of getting to know many people from the Golden State organization, especially Green, he has developed more respect.

“I like the Warriors because I met the owner, know the owner’s sons, and the general manager knows me by name,” said McDowell. “When you know them personally, you have to have love for their organization.”

Despite his admiration for Green and Golden State, he still plans to keep heckling Lacob whenever he comes to play with the Christian Sports Ministry team on Saturdays.

“I’m absolutely still going to heckle him, but it’s all love though,” said McDowell.


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