Daughter sues CDCR over father’s negligent death

By Salvador Solorio

Hugo “Yogi” Pinell’s daughter is suing the California prison system, claiming her father was murdered because of negligent supervision, according to a Courthouse News article by Nick Cahill.

Allegra Casimir-Taylor claims her father was “released into the general population despite the fact that they (prison officials) knew that he was targeted by other inmates. They were aware of multiple credible death threats against Pinell, including a threat issued by the Aryan Brotherhood,” the article stated.

Pinell was killed five days after his release into the general population at California State Prison- Sacramento after spending 43 years in the Security Housing Unit.  Casimir-Taylor is suing the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in federal court.

At the age of 19, Pinell was convicted of rape and sentenced to life in 1965. He was a participant in the botched escape attempt at San Quentin in 1971 that left six people dead, including three prison employees and Black Panther Party activist and prisoner George Jackson.

A Marin County jury convicted Pinell of two counts of felony assault by a prisoner serving a life sentence. Pinell was given a third life sentence for slitting two officers’ throats during the failed prison escape.

Pinell’s death incited a prison riot at the maximum-security prison. About 70 prisoners were involved with 29 sustaining injuries, according to the Courthouse News article, quoting prison officials.

An Oct. 28, 2016 hearing was scheduled at Sacramento County Superior Court for Jayson Weaver and Waylong Pitchford, who are accused of Pinell’s murder.

Casimir-Taylor is suing the state for punitive and exemplary damages for failing to protect Pinell. She says the department of corrections knew Pinell was a target for assassination when they put him into the general population, according to the article.


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