California Top Officials’ Reveal Their Support for Ballot Measures

By David Le

California’s top officials revealed their support for November ballot measures, the Sacramento Bee reported.

Governor Jerry Brown approves of Proposition 57, which, among other things changes, parole rules for some nonviolent offenders and would help to alleviate overcrowding and “ensure that any release of rehabilitated inmates is consistent with public safety,” the Bee reported.

Other top officials such as Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, Controller Betty Yee and Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones also show signs of supporting Proposition 57, the Bee highlighted.

“Earlier parole for nonviolent offenders and giving judges more latitude not to try juveniles as adults are changes that make good policy and fiscal sense provided services are funded and are available,” Yee said.

Attorney General Kamala Harris has not taken positions on the November measures, but based on her track record it does indicate that she supports abolishing the death penalty, legalizing use of marijuana, and rehabilitation for inmates who are in and out of state’s custody, the Bee reported.

What’s more, Proposition 62, a measure that would abolish the death penalty has received support from Newsom, Yee and Jones. In contrast, only Newsom and Yee oppose Proposition 66, which would speed up the death penalty process, the Bee listed.

Some of the other ballot measures this November include:

Proposition 52, which deals with hospital fees, and Proposition 53, which deals with revenue bonds. Proposition 55 extends a temporary income tax on high-income filers while Proposition 56 increases taxes on cigarettes. Proposition 58 restores some bilingual education. Proposition 59 questions voters on Citizens United campaign contribution transparency. Proposition 64 legalizes recreational marijuana use for adults 21 and older. Proposition 63 imposes new ammunition and gun control restrictions.

Notably, no top official is taking a stance on Proposition 60, which would require the use of condoms for adult film actors. In addition, only Newsom has taken a position to legalize marijuana, the Bee noted.


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