Back in the Day

Selected Stories From Past Issues of The San Quentin News

NOV. 28, 1980 – The Catholic Chapel played host Saturday to two local Christian bands. Appearing were the Emmanuel Group from the San Jose area and Infinity from Oakland.
NOV. 28, 1980 – A shot was fired in the East Block to break up a scuffle between an intoxicated inmate and a correctional officer. No major injuries were reported, says prison information officer Mike Madding.

NOV. 28, 1980 – A San Quentin inmate escaped with the help of an armed accomplice from a Marin County clinic where he had been taken for a hearing test. Richard Thompson, 42, had been living in the prison’s honor unit, according to Mike Madding, S.Q. prison information officer.

NOV. 21, 1980 – Two San Quentin prison guards and another man were arrested on suspicion of burglary and robbery following an attempted drug rip–off Thursday night. Warden George Sumner acknowledged that an investigation by the CDC has been on–going for “some time.” “My reaction is that we are just cleaning our dirty laundry,” Sumner said.

SEPT. 24, 1982 – The state’s oldest inmate, 93–year–old Isa Mae Lang, would prefer to remain in prison rather than be released on parole. Convicted of murder in 1935, the nearly blind and deaf woman is no longer considered a threat to society.

SEPT. 24, 1982 – The ba0nd room at San Quentin is now quiet since the music program has been declared nonfunctional. An incident on June 19 has stopped all inmate evening movement, leaving no one to participate in the program. No word from prison authorities on if or when night movement for activity programs will return.

SEPT. 24, 1982 – The state Court of Appeal in San Francisco has ordered Soledad prison officials to allow leaf-letting in the public parking lot outside the prison. The ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed by the Prisoners Union.

OCT. 22, 1982 – Both San Quentin fire fighting teams responded to a fire in the sawdust silos of the furniture factory in the industries area. Damage was estimated at approximately $15,000, and no cause was reported.

OCT. 29, 1982 – It took a total of 17 shots of 7.5 grain birdshot to break up a fight between two determined cons fist fighting on the C-Section yard Oct. 23.


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