Back in the Day

SEPT. 19, 1980 – Coyote Park, the mini-park of trees and foliage located on the lower yard, has been laid bare by order of Warden George Sumner due to last week’s stabbing incident. There have been three stabbings in the past two years in this area.
NOV. 14, 1980 – James Dance, 32, from Santa Clara County, was stabbed and killed Saturday morning on the lower yard. It was believed that the killing was over a debt, says prison information officer Mike Madding. A 12–inch steel prison–made knife believed used in the incident has been found. A suspect has been arrested. It is the first killing in San Quentin since Feb. 22, 1979.
NOV. 14, 1980 – A special preholiday show featuring James Brown and his Revue will take place Wednesday in the north dining hall. Also featured will be a country/rock group, Tour De Force.
NOV. 14, 1980 – A 25–year–old San Quentin inmate who walked out of the prison last year dressed as a woman was convicted of escape. Guthrie L. Danowski was captured in Grapevine, Tex. three days after the escape. He told the jury it was not an escape but “a nonviolent walkaway.”
NOV. 21, 1980 – A convict was found dead in his cell in a maximum security cellblock with the cord to his radio wrapped around his neck. The death of Steven Copenharve, 24, is being investigated to determine if it might be accidental or a suicide.
NOV. 21, 1980 – A warning shot was fired on the lower yard when a gunner thought a yard officer was being surrounded by a group of convicts. The yard officer had just broken up what he thought was an illegal card game.
NOV. 21, 1980 – Singer James Brown and his entourage of entertainers played a special holiday show to a packed crowd in the north dining hall.


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