Back in the Day

JULY 4, 1980 – Three shots were fired on the C-Section yard to break up a fight between three convicts. One con was injured by birdshot, while another suffered a broken jaw, according to Mike Madding, prison spokesperson.
JULY 4, 1980 – Following a bloody riot in Feb. at the New Mexico State Penitentiary, 13 of 41 guards hired since then have quit.
JULY 4, 1980 – A nine-day lockdown of Chicano inmates at S.Q. has been lifted. The lockdown came as the result of a stabbing of a Chicano inmate June 17 on the lower yard.
JULY 4, 1980 – Country Joe and the Fish and The Rick and Ruby Show will headline the annual Fourth of July show on the lower yard. The entertainment looks to be of high quality and all are welcome to enjoy.
JULY 4, 1980 – A Juneteenth celebration was held last Saturday in the north dining hall. Several prison bands provided the entertainment along with some outside guests.
JULY 4, 1980 – Nine shots were fired on the Protective Housing Unit AC yard to break up a fistfight between a Mexican-American and a white prisoner. Both men suffered multiple birdshot wounds and were taken to the prison hospital.
SEPT. 19, 1980 – “Little John” Seaman, 29, was assaulted and stabbed several times Sept. 9 on the lower yard in the Coyote Park area. He was admitted to the hospital in good condition, according to acting prison information officer Lt. Silva. Three knives were found in the park area, but none were believed to have been involved in the assault. Five inmates are being held for investigation.
MAY 23, 1980 – Mothers and fathers traveled as far as 600 miles away in order to spend Mother’s Day with their convict sons on the prison’s annual Family Day Event. Approximately 100 convicts attended the event, which included breakfast in the north dining hall.
JUNE 13, 1980 – A class in “Dream Work” will be offered, tentatively starting July 14. The classes for 12 interested inmates will meet once a week for one and a half hours. Members will learn techniques to improve dream recall and understanding, and how to explore their inner potential for growth.
JUNE 13, 1980 – Four armed men invaded the District of Columbia prison in the Virginia suburbs and killed an inmate.


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