Back in the Day

OCT. 22, 1982 – An inmate attempting to scale a fence in the Badger Section exercise yard was shot in the back Oct. 7. The inmate was shot once with a shotgun, fell from the fence, then again climbed the fence. The con was then shot twice with a mini-14 before again falling to the ground. He was taken to the prison hospital.
OCT. 22, 1982 – The governor signed into law the new one–for–one time credits law, which will become effective Jan. 1, 1983. The new system emphasizes participation in work and training programs.
OCT. 22, 1982 – San Quentin’s ranch, located on the bay just outside the walls, is being expanded to add 110 more beds, bringing the capacity to 218. The ranch will include six new barracks, a new visiting center, a new laundry annex, a chow hall and a hobby and storage annex. Each barracks has 16 beds, each in its own cubicle – with no bunk beds.
OCT. 22, 1982 – Two west Block cons were arrested after a large amount of weed was found in their cell. The alleged marijuana, stashed inside sealed cartons of Marlboro cigarettes, had an estimated institutional value of over $10,000. The brand name of Laredo was found imprinted on each hand rolled cigarette.
OCT. 22, 1982 – Clinton T. Duffy, the famous warden of San Quentin prison, died after a long illness. Duffy, an advocate of penal reform and opponent of the death penalty, served as warden from 1940–1951. He was born at San Quentin prison.
NOV. 12, 1982 – An inmate from North block was stabbed on the North Block exercise yard the morning of Nov. 4. He was treated at the prison hospital and returned to his cell.
NOV. 12, 1982 – Ruth Rushen, 57, the first woman and first black to serve as the director of the CDC, is retiring after three years on the job.


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