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UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism Volunteers

Brittany, Nancy & Trenise

These women along with other UC Berkeley students volunteered thier time and expertise during the 2013-2015 school semsters. A special thank you for all of your assistence and support.


Karin Drucker

Karin Drucker has been a volunteer at San Quentin for nearly four years. She facilitates and coordinates writing workshops in poetry, creative non fiction, and journalism with Kid CAT. At San Quentin News, she provides research, editing, and advising to the Kid CAT Speaks! section. She is a Bay Area native.


Nikki Meredith

Nikki Meredith is an award-winning journalist whose career started with National Public Radio.

She subsequently worked as a feature writer for the Pacific Sun and the Marin Independent Journal.

Her articles have also appeared in the New Yorker, Atlantic, Harpers, Psychology Today, Parenting, Health, USA Today, California Living and the Utne Reader.




Susanne Karch

Susanne Karch began volunteering at San Quentin with the S.Q.U.I.R.E.S. program in 2012. From the beginning she was extremely impressed with the quality of the men she met inside and she promptly became a subscriber of the San Quentin News. She is honored to contribute her time to helping the SQN grow its donor base.

Born and raised in Germany, Susanne emigrated to the United States with her family when she was 8. After many years in the corporate world as a sales executive on both coasts, she took time off to care for her ailing parents. Susanne has been self-employed for the past 18 years and has lived in the Bay Area since 1989.