A Change to Medication Auto Refill Policy


Effective September 1, there will be a change in procedure to the medication auto refill policy at San Quentin (S.Q.).  Certain drugs will not be refilled automatically.  These include over the counter drugs, (OTC’s) such as antacids, vitamins and allergy medications.  Also excluded from auto refill will be topical medications such as creams, ointments and lotions. These drugs are used at variable rates (people come in different sizes) and it is impossible to accurately predict when someone would need a refill.  As before ‘PRN’ medications will not be automatically refilled.  These are drugs ordered on an as needed basis by the prescriber.  A clue to this type of drug are the words “as needed” in the directions of the prescription.

Any and all of these medications can be ordered via Health Care Services Request Form CDCR 7362.  This form should be completed by the inmate patient and turned in to the med pass nurse or designated area in the housing units.  These requests will be processed by pharmacy provided refills are available and the orders have not expired.  The drugs will be issued to the inmate patient by the nursing staff, usually within 24-48 hours.  The change in the auto refill policy should help to prevent receiving large amounts of drugs which may not actually be needed by the inmate patient.  As you may have noticed personal storage space is at a premium around here.  Also, this will help nursing and pharmacy staff by alleviating the processing of unnecessary refills, returns and restocking of drugs

Certain prescriptions are refilled automatically by the pharmacy at S.Q.  These medications are considered maintenance drugs and are necessary for the optimal health and wel

fare of patients. Included as maintenance drugs are drugs for blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, mental health and other chronic health conditions.  These drugs are refilled automatically by the pharmacy until the original order is expired or discontinued by the prescriber.  No notification is required on the part of nursing or the inmate patient to receive these orders on a regular schedule (usually monthly).

Pharmacy and nursing staff at C.S.P.-S.Q. look forward to more effectively serving the inmate population by allowing you to decide when you need something and when you don’t.  Remember that maintenance medications won’t be affected by the policy and you don’t have to do anything for them to be dispensed to you.  Being a partner in your own health care will ultimately provide for the best of care.  And of course if you need something …just ask.




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